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Study in Malta for Pakistani Students 2024

By Administrator | Last modified 13th Mar 2024

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Malta is one of those nations that has lately been added to the bucket list of many international students studying abroad. Study in Malta for Pakistani Students is a more common conversation among Pakistani students. This little country is one-of-a-kind in its own right. After studying in Malta, you will undoubtedly have more career opportunities.

International students are always welcome in the country. A new education strategy for non-EU immigrants with flexible criteria is being implemented. This action is being made to make Malta more competitive as an educational authority and to improve the local education sector's reputation.

Malta has a wide range of degree programs, including bachelor's, master's, doctorate, and certificate programs. Here is a comprehensive guide for individuals considering studying in Malta. Check it out!

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Study in Malta for Pakistani Students



Teaching Language

Maltese and English

Top universities

  • University of Malta
  • European Graduate School
  • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
  • American University of Malta
  • Institute of Tourism Studies Malta – Luqa

Course Duration

  • Bachelor’s degree program: 3-4 Years
  • Master’s degree program: 1 or 2 Years

Average Application fee

50$ - 100$   Application Fee

Minimum education required

For undergraduate entrance, the Maltese educational system accepts the A-level certificate; however, students who have finished their 12 years of study with any certification or intermediate certificate also can apply for a bachelor's degree programme in Malta.

Average fee structure

Ranges between 2,000 to 9,000 EUR.

Is IELTS required or not?

May or May not be required

Eligibility criteria

Must have completed 12 years of schooling



Part time job Working hours

20 hours per week

After study work permit

After the recruiting procedure is finished, the applicant may apply for Maltese employment and a work visa.

Average monthly expense

Around 200 EUR (single person)

Admission processing time

A few weeks to a few months

Visa processing time

Four weeks

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Why do Pakistani Students Study in Malta?

Malta is one of the sunniest countries in the world, with over 300 days of sunlight every year. Combine this with the fact that, owing to their size, all three islands of Malta can be explored, and you have a great atmosphere for a superb higher education experience. Since joining the European Union in 2004, the nation has maintained close connections with other European countries.

In Malta, there are public and private institutions; some provide regular degrees, while others are more specialized and offer courses such as tourism.

 The University of Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology are two of the most prominent universities in the country (MCAST). The academic year is identical to those of other European countries, as does the university system.

Study in Malta for Pakistani Students

Fully Funded Scholarships in Malta 2024:

The following is a list of Malta Scholarships for Local and International Students:

  1. University of Malta Scholarships
  2. Malta Art Scholarship Scheme
  3. Endeavor Scholarship Scheme

1.  University of Malta Scholarships:

The University of Malta now provides master's by Research and Ph.D. scholarships. Worthy students receive a fee waiver in full. The University of Malta is Malta's oldest and most modern university. The University of Malta, the world's oldest university outside of Britain, provides students with a rich and diverse curriculum.

2.  Malta Art Scholarship Scheme:

The Government of Malta provides this scholarship. It is intended for students pursuing an Undergraduate Diploma, First Degree, Second Degree, Joint Degree, or Postgraduate Qualification. Tuition fees can range from €2,000 to €20,000, depending on the qualification granted.

3.  Endeavor Scholarship Scheme:

Endeavor is yet another top scholarship offered by the Maltese government. The award is available to students majoring in education, finance, health, humanities, and arts.

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Universities in Malta for Pakistani students:

The following are the best universities in Malta. We selected the top five institutions in Malta by reputation, research achievement, and alumni impact.

  1. University of Malta
  2. European Graduate School
  3. Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
  4. American University of Malta
  5. Institute of Tourism Studies Malta - Luqa

1.  University of Malta:

The University of Malta is Malta's premier teaching institution. It is publicly sponsored and open to everyone who meets the criteria.

  • The government administers this university to address the country's educational needs.
  • The University of Malta is regarded as the top educational institution in the European country, with 14 faculties, 18 institutes, 13 centers, and three schools.

We estimate the acceptance rate using admission statistics from surrounding colleges with similar research profiles that provide such information.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

500 Dollar

Acceptance rate


2:  European Graduate School:

The EGS is divided into two divisions, each with its degree programs and teachers. The European Graduate School / EGS was founded in 1994 by a non-profit organization in the Swiss highlands and is divided into two divisions: Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought (PACT), and Arts, Health & Society (AH&S) (AHS).

We estimate the acceptance rate using admission statistics from surrounding colleges with similar research profiles that provide such information.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

24,100 Dollar for all duration

Acceptance rate


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Study in malta consultancy

3:  Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology:

The Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology, established in 2001, is the primary vocational education and training institution in the country. MCAST offers 180 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational programs ranging from certificates to master's degrees across six institutes in Malta and one in Gozo (MQF Level 1 to Level 7).

  • In addition to offering part-time and full-time courses in a variety of disciplines, the university also allows students to customize a course by selecting from a list of subjects such as Applied Sciences, Creative Arts, IICT, Business Management and Commerce, Engineering and Transport, Community Services, Aquatics and Marine Animals, Agriculture, and so on.
  • In addition, MCAST provides industrial training courses to provide students with the necessary skills to begin a job in a particular industry.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

1000 Dollar

Acceptance rate


4:  American University of Malta:

The American University of Malta (AUM) combines the best of both worlds regarding academic standards and accreditation. A professional faculty board designs all curricula to meet American Education standards at the tertiary level.

  • The university aims to prepare students for industrial difficulties by exposing them to a research-oriented curriculum.
  • Students seeking challenging courses in various fields will find a broad program at the institution

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

2500 EUR per semester

Acceptance rate


5:  Institute of Tourism Studies Malta - Luqa:

The Institute of Tourism Studies was formed in 1987 and is Malta's primary academic training school for hospitality and tourism. ITS offers various programs and courses dedicated to all aspects of the tourism, culinary, and hospitality industries.

We calculate the acceptance rate using admission statistics from surrounding colleges with similar research profiles that provide such information. 

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

7500 EUR

Acceptance rate


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Admission Requirements for Pakistani students:

You must complete the university application form to get admitted to Malta University. Universities may also request a few supporting verification papers. Depending on the degree you take, each institute has different needs. However, the following are some of the most typical requirements for admission to a university in Malta:

  • Filled Application form
  • All the previous Educational certificates and mark sheets.
  • Passport 
  • English language proficiency test scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Work experience certificate (if any)
  • CV/resume
  • Portfolio

Once your admission to a Malta institution has been accepted, you must apply for a Malta student visa. This is a Schengen visa because Malta is a Schengen nation, and Pakistani residents must apply to the Italian embassy in Islamabad to get a Malta study visa.

study in malta for international students

Visa Requirements for Pakistani students:

Malta is a member of the EU's border-free Schengen Zone. This implies that Malta's visa requirements are no stricter than Germany's or Italy's. If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you can freely relocate to Malta and stay for as long as you like after registering. You will need a visa if you are not from the EU, which now includes UK citizens.

If you are not from the EU, you will normally need to undertake the following to get a study visa for Malta:

  • A completed visa application form may be found on the website of your local Maltese embassy or consulate.
  • Your passport, as well as two passport-sized pictures
  • Acceptance letter from your institution - it must state that your course will last more than three months.
  • Financial proof - you must demonstrate that you have at least €18 per day to live on for the duration of your degree.
  • Evidence of a location to reside in Malta
  • Health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for the entire EU
  • Evidence that you will depart Malta following your courses, such as an airline or ferry ticket.

All documentation must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation. An application takes roughly four weeks to process. Your visa will cover the term of your course. You can also stay in Malta for up to a year after graduation to continue your studies.

During the academic year, your student visa allows you to work up to fifteen hours per week and up to forty hours per week during the summer. You would be taxed in the same way as Maltese citizens are.

You do not need a visa to enter Malta for up to ninety days. This implies you may attend a short or summer course to enhance your English without a visa.

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Cost of Studying and Living in Malta:

Malta's currency is the Euro (€). Tuition prices will vary depending on where you live, what subject you choose to pursue, and which school you select.

 Tuition expenses for full-time bachelor's degree programs are waived for students from the EU/EEA. If you are an EU/EEA student interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree, you will be charged the same tuition as Maltese students.

Tuition payments will be necessary if you are from another country. On average, fees could range from €1,000 to €6,000 per year.

Malta's living costs are comparable to those of other European countries. If you stay in a larger city, your expenditures will be greater than in smaller cities and villages. You should budget between €500 and €1,000 each month on average. This includes lodging, groceries, and transport.

Health insurance is an additional expense to consider. If you have an EHIC card, you will have access to the same healthcare as Maltese nationals at the same cost. You will require health insurance if you do not have an EHIC card. If you already have insurance coverage, be sure it is still valid in Malta. If you do not even have insurance, you will need one to cover your studies.

Part-Time Working Hours in Malta:

Yes, students in Malta can work while studying. To work lawfully, students must apply for and obtain an employment permit. They will be able to work during their semesters with this license. The employment license is given in 4 - 6 weeks, following which the student can start to work.

There are some criteria, though, that you should be aware of:

  • You can apply for an employment permit only after receiving a student visa for more than 90 days.
  • You are not permitted to work in Malta during your first 90 days of study.
  • You must find work since you will require a job letter to complete the application form with your company.
  • You should continue to attend lessons for at least 15 hours each week.
  • You are only permitted to work up to 20 hours each week.
  • You cannot quit your studies and solely work with your work permit.

Remember that if you change jobs or employers, you must apply for a new license with their new company.

Study in Malta

Future Opportunities in Malta:

After finishing their master's or Ph.D., Pakistani students can apply for a post-study work permit in Malta. They are permitted to stay in Malta for a year until they find full-time employment.

After completing their studies, students participating in 2nd Degree Master's and Ph.D. programs may apply for a temporary residence visa. This 6- to 12-month extension will give you plenty of time to look for new work.

Our trained specialists can provide further information about university entrance and work opportunities in Malta for Pakistani students.

To get a free assessment for STUDY IN MALTA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS you can contact us below.
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Posted on 20th Jan 2023

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