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Study in Iceland for Pakistani Students in 2024

By Administrator | Last modified 09th Mar 2024

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Study in Iceland is like a dream for Pakistanis as it is a unique destination in front of the sea and is considered one of the most beautiful countries. It may prove to be one of the comprehensive study programs if someone has low cost then must go for study in Iceland like a study in the Netherlands (North Western European Country).

Most prominent courses are being offered by the country by offering all programs including Ph.D. There are 6 most famous universities in Iceland which are offering 45 bachelor programs and 40 master programs. PhD programs are also being offered in 3 universities of Iceland which is also the best opportunity for international students including Pakistani students.

Iceland doesn’t charge any tuition fee from you if you are studying in a public university, but you have to pay an annual registration fee of around 500€. You enjoy 2 years of permanent residency after when you have done with your graduation study.

Study in Iceland for Pakistani Students

Teaching Language

Icelandic and English

Top Universities in Iceland

  • University of Iceland
  • University Center of the Westfjords
  • Iceland School of Energy
  • University of Akureyri
  • Reykjavik University

Course Duration

Bachelor’s degree takes 3 to 4 years of duration

Master’s degree takes 2 years duration

For PhD 2 years duration is required

Average application fee

60$ is the average application fee

Minimum education required

12-year education is compulsory for bachelor

A bachelor's degree is compulsory for a master

A master's degree is compulsory for a PhD

Average fee structure

3000 to 7000 EUR is the average fee structure

Is IELTS required or not?

Applicants with no English language as their native language are required to prove English proficiency in the form of IELTS and TOEFL.

Eligibility criteria

Matriculation Examination is compulsory for eligibility



Part-time job Working hours

After having work permit 22 hours per week student can work (which is same as in Malta country )

After the study work permit

Yes, you can work after study completion in Iceland

Embassy location

No specific embassy in Pakistan but you can apply through Danish Embassy

Bank statements

1434 EUR per month is the per month bank statement needed

Average monthly expense

900 to 1000EUR per month

Admission processing time

2 days to 8 weeks are required for the visa to be completely processed

Visa processing time

It may take a few weeks to months to process admission


Study in Iceland for Pakistani  Students

Fully funded Iceland scholarships for Pakistani students

There are scholarships provided by different universities and the Iceland government for international students including Pakistanis who are willing to study abroad but have low expenses to meet their financial challenges while studying. Here is the list and details of all those scholarships:

  1. Richard A. Freund InternationalScholarship
  2. The Leaky Foundation Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships
  3. Leaky Foundation Research Grants
  4. Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship
  5. ServiceScape Scholarship

1. Richard A. Freund International Scholarship:

Richard A. Freund International Scholarship is available for international students including Pakistanis to get the benefits of studying abroad in the beautiful Iceland country. It is not a fully funded scholarship but it is a partially funded scholarship through which you can meet some of your educational and living expenses while you are there in Iceland for study.

Eligibility criteria:

Only those who have done their master's and Ph.D. degrees can attain the benefits of this scholarship. There are some specific fields in which you can be able to get the scholarship such as quality assurance, theory plus application of quality control, quality management, statistics, and behavioral foundations. So before you apply for the scholarship make sure to know all these requirements.
Lahore Office

Islamabad Office

2. The Leaky Foundation Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships:

It is also a partially funded scholarship to make your expenses minimum during your study duration. Scholarship can only be taken from any of the institutes except the home country of the applicant. It is also available for Pakistani students as the scholarship is designed for developing countries specifically.

Eligibility criteria:

Masters and PhD level education is compulsory for becoming eligible for the scholarship of The Leaky Foundation Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships. There are only two courses that are eligible for the scholarship Human Origin and Evolution, so before you apply for the scholarship you must keep in mind the above-mentioned precautions of eligibility for the scholarship.

3. Leaky Foundation Research Grants: 

Leaky Foundation Research Grants is a fully funded scholarship that is available for all the nations worldwide including developed and developing countries and scholarships are taken from any of the institutions from the world.

Eligibility criteria:

Only those who have done with their PhD or Post-doctorate are eligible for the scholarship. Remember one thing only research-related fields are encouraged to apply for the scholarship such as Human Origins.

4. Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship:

One of the partially funded scholarships for Pakistani students from Iceland country as it is the partially funded scholarship that is open to all nations. Its applications are encouraged from anywhere in the world.

Eligibility criteria:

Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship is eligible for master’s, Ph.D., and post-doctorate students and it is available for only specific departments such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, Material Sciences, and Earth Sciences. Make sure the above things are to be remembered while applying for the specific scholarship.

5. ServiceScape Scholarship:

Its funding type is only tuition fees and encourages all nations worldwide including Pakistani students to apply for the scholarship. Its forms are accepted from worldwide including any of the universities or institutions.

Eligibility criteria:

It may be a unique opportunity for every Pakistani as all programs offered in the universities are recommended to apply for the scholarship. All students with master’s and bachelor are encouraged to apply for the job.
Study in Iceland Universities Page

Universities in Iceland for international students

There are many Iceland universities but I will tell you about the most recommended and most prominent universities of Iceland. Here is the list of all 7 universities.

  1. University of Iceland
  2. Reykjavik University
  3. University of Akureyri
  4. Agriculture University of Iceland
  5. Bifröst University
  6. Holar University College
  7. Iceland Academy of the Arts

1. University of Iceland:

The University of Iceland is the most recommended in Reykjavik, Iceland, and all over the world including Pakistan. Its student satisfaction rating is 4.5/5.0 therefore it is known as the best university in Iceland for international students. Through scientific and academic environment it is the oldest and largest university in Iceland which is leading from other universities.


World Ranking


IELTS required or not

A minimum score of 6.5

Average tuition fee

75000 ISK

Acceptance rate





2. Reykjavik University:

It is the number 1 university in Iceland therefore all international students want to apply to this university because of its best study and enjoyable environment. It mainly focuses on engineering, business, science and law. Students in these fields are highly recommended. Students’s rating for this university is 4.5/5.0


World Ranking


IELTS required or not

A minimum score of 6.5

Average tuition fee

716,000 ISK

Acceptance rate





3. University of Akureyri:

Student satisfaction for this university is 4.8/5.0 as it offers the best study syllabus and environment. It is the scientific and the academic university for research and teaching purposes which is done in its different schools.


World Ranking


IELTS required or not

A minimum score of 6

Average tuition fee

716,000 ISK

Acceptance rate






4. Agriculture University of Iceland:

This is the university of education and research which is especially in agriculture and farming. People interested in these fields must apply to this university. Student’s rating for this university is 4.4/5.0 so feel free to enjoy its stunning environment and beauty of the university.


World Ranking


IELTS required or not

A minimum score of 6

Average tuition fee

75,000 ISK

Acceptance rate




5. Bifröst University:

This is one of the best universities in Iceland as it offers students satisfaction results such as students gave 4.8/5.0, It is a private, self-governing, and without-profit university as it runs mostly on the income of the Icelandic state.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

A minimum score of 6

Average tuition fee

600 ISK

Acceptance rate






6. Holar University College:

Holar University College offers many master's and undergraduate programs in three different ways. Holar University gains 4.6/5.5 satisfactory results due to its best staff and administration of studies offered there. Many students worldwide apply to this university to get trained by the unique staff present in it.


World Ranking


IELTS required or not

A minimum score of 6.5

Average tuition fee

96496 ISK

Acceptance rate






7. Iceland Academy of the Arts:

As its name suggests it is one of the best Arts universities in Iceland which also offers scholarships to many students internationally. Its satisfactory result is 4.7/5.0 given by the students which is unique for those students who are still unable to find the best university in Iceland.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

695,500 ISK

Acceptance rate





Study in Iceland Best Universities

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Admission requirements for Pakistani students:

You must have to complete the university application form for admission to that university in Iceland. You also need to attest all your documents and previous study certificates by the Higher Education Commission for the proper admission process. HEC will send all the attested certificates to the applied university which will be stamped and verified. Some important requirements are:

  • All certificates of previous courses
  • CV/resume
  • Recommended three letters
  • Language proficiency with good scores
  • Must need enough funding or must have scholarship requirements
  • Must write about your portfolio samples
  • Scanned copy of your previous education as a high school or bachelor
  • Scanned copy of your birth certificate or your visa

Some of the specific subjects such as Science, Engineering, and Law may additionally need extra requirements in the form of entry tests. You can view all the requirements on the company’s official website. Students must have to apply for a student permit at the Directorate of Immigration.

You have to apply for a student Iceland visa to become eligible for it. According to academic institutions of Iceland, you must have at least 5 scores to become eligible for the admission process in any of the Iceland Universities.

Visa requirements for Pakistani students:

You must submit your documents in English or the Nordic language except in these languages you have to do a translation of your documents. You need to have a residence permit in Iceland which makes you able to work for up to 15 hours a week in Reykjavik.

It is very easy to find a job there without knowing the Icelandic language but it may be a little bit tricky for you. The residence permit will allow you to also enjoy Europe as an Icelandic visa is a Schengen visa through which you can visit 27 different countries of Europe except Ireland.

Some of the recommended documents and other requirements for an Icelandic visa are given below:

  • Must have financial independence through bank statements
  • Must have two passport-sized photos
  • Must have your passport
  • A copy of the clean criminal record
  • Completed application form which you can find here
  • Evidence of fee payment which costs 50 $
  • Must have health insurance minimum of 16000 $

Note: You can live there in Iceland for about 90 days for free without any visa but to work, visit, or study more you will need an Icelandic visa which becomes very compulsory if you have decided to live there for about 2 or 4 years.

Cost of living:

The cost of living in Iceland is about 600 to 800 EUR/month but it may increase up to 900 to 1000 EUR/month depending upon the house, or city you are living in. Sometimes food and groceries may also cost you more so it depends upon you how costly you are to live there in Iceland.

Part-time working hours and income:

If you are an international student then you can work there for about 20 hours a week in the academic year of Iceland. In case you are there in the summer months such as June, July, and August then you can work there up to 40 hours a week. Part-time working hours depend on the type of job you are doing in and your employer.

Future opportunities in Iceland:

Working in Iceland for foreigners is extensive now. Iceland's job market includes nursing, teaching English, tech, construction and so many working opportunities for international students. It will be a great opportunity for you to work there in Iceland after the completion of your study.
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  Islamabad Office

Posted on 24th Feb 2024

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