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Study in Netherland for Pakistani students scholarships

By Sub | Last modified 13th Mar 2024

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The Netherlands also known as Holland, a country in northwestern Europe, is famous for its tulip fields, landscapes of canals, and windmills. The Netherlands is also called Holland in other languages, including Dutch and English. Study in Netherlands for Pakistani students provides bachelor/master’s degree programs in English and become one of the first countries in Europe to enforce a Bachelor/master system in English.

This has ended up in one of the most diverse course offerings on the continent. In the Netherlands, around 65-70% of universities offer a wide range of Bachelor's and Masters Programs for Pakistani students. Approximately 16% of all students are international, one of Europe's highest proportions.

Pakistani students may experience the genuine essence of European culture and traditions in the Netherlands and receive an education from the world's most significant institutions. They may enjoy its stunning countryside, floral fields, and lakes and breathe in the world's purest air. Tuition fees for non-EU students vary depending on the school and the program. Bachelor's programs in the Netherlands often cost between 6,000 and 15,000 euros per year, whereas Master's and doctoral programs typically cost 8,000 and 20,000 annually.

International students must take IELTS to study in the Netherlands for international students for bachelor, master, and PhD programs. At least 6 bands in IELTS for bachelor and 6.5 bands in master and Ph.D. programs.

Scholarships in Netherlands for Pakistani students are earned on the base of merit. Several universities and the Netherlands government award hundreds of fully funded scholarships to international students each year.

Study in Netherlands for Pakistani Students

Teaching Language


Top Medical Universities in Netherlands

  1. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  2. Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  3. Tilburg University
  4. Amsterdam Business School
  5. Design Academy Eindhoven
  6. Radboud University

Course Duration

  • Bachelor’s degree program takes 4 years
  • The Master's degree program takes 2  years

Average application Fee

75-100€ for an application fee

Minimum education required

  • 12 years of formal education for undergraduate
  • Hold a bachelor's degree for a Master
  • Student must hold a bachelor's and master's degree for Ph.D.

Average fee structure

8000€ per year. It depends on the course and degree level

Is IELTS required or not?

Yes, with a minimum of 6 bands

Eligibility criteria

Minimum  60-70% marks in the last degree



Part-time job Working hours

International Students are allowed to work 10-16  hours per week

After the study work permit

Yes, after graduation, students can get a work permit

Embassy location

Street 15, Ramna 5 G-5,Islamabad

Bank statements

12000€  for the last 3-6 months

Average monthly expense

800-1200€ per month

Admission processing time

Students can get an invitation/admission letter within 2-3 months

Visa processing time

30-60 days from the application day

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study in Netherlands for Pakistani students

Netherlands Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Scholarships in Netherlands for Pakistani students provide outstanding opportunities to students who want to study in culturally rich educational institutions. It covers all accommodation and monthly allowance and gives a monthly stipend. Scholarships provide benefits that cover registration fees, housing, essential medical assistance, and discounts. Here is a detail  of popular scholarships in the Netherlands

1. The University of Masstricht high potential Scholarships:

This Scholarship is for Master's Students. The eligibility of this scholarship is that students must be under 35 years.

2. Radboud University Scholarship Program:

This scholarship is for undergraduate and Master's students. Students should not have previous study records in the Netherlands.

3. Leiden University Excellence Scholarship:

This scholarship is for Master's students. Furthermore, for this scholarship, an English test is required.

4. Holland Scholarships for International Students:

This scholarship is for undergraduate and Master's students. Non-EEA nationality is required.

5. Justus and Louise van effen excellence Scholarship:

This scholarship is only for Master's students. The eligibility criteria are (GPA) of 80 percent or higher maximum in your bachelor's degree.

6. Erasmus University Holland Scholarship:

This scholarship is for undergraduate and Master's students. Non-EEA nationality requires those who have to pay the tuition fees.

Scholarships in Netherlands for Pakistani students

7. Amsterdam Merit Excellence Scholarship:

This scholarship is only for Master's students. Students must be admitted for an entire year.

Benefits of Scholarships in Netherlands for International Students

  • No application fee or registration fee is required.
  • Accommodation expenses will be covered.
  • Complete medical assistance will be provided.

Universities in Netherlands for international students

Netherlands offers exciting opportunities for Pakistani students who want to study abroad for their higher studies. Students who want to do undergraduate and postgraduate programs can be admitted into these universities in Netherlands. These are the following top universities in the Netherlands.

1. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences:

This university was established in the year 1993. This university is a higher education institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This institute offers a bachelor's program and a Master's program. This university requires IELTS with a minimum of 6 scores. Average tuition fees are higher for international students. Non-EU students pay 6000 and 15000€ per year for the bachelor's program. For the Master's program, the tuition fees range between 8000 and 20,000 Euros per year. This university accepts brilliant students worldwide, so the acceptance rate is lower than other universities.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS  with a minimum  6 score

Average tuition fee

For Bachelors 6000-15000 € per year

For Masters 8000-20,000 euro

Acceptance rate


2. Radboud University:

This university is a public university in Netherlands. This university ranks #222 in the QS world ranking. Students must show their IELTS with a minimum score of 6. The average tuition fee is around 2200€ per year. This university also provides scholarships to students with a minimum GPA of 3. Only non-EU residents can apply for this scholarship. This university acceptance rate is 14%. This University always opens its doors to international students.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS requires with minimum 6 score

Average tuition fee

2200 € per year

Acceptance rate


3. Fontys University of Applied Sciences:

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is a public university. The University has as its central values freedom of thought and the embrace of variety. This University has played a vital role in the innovation of knowledge and the upward strength of society. This University's fee structure is approximately 2200€ per year, and IELTS is required with a minimum of 6 scores at this University. This university’s acceptance rate is 75-80%.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS requires with minimum 6 score

Average tuition fee

2200 € per year

Acceptance rate


4. Tilburg University:

Tilburg University is a public research university located in Tilburg, Netherlands. This university was established in 1927. A total of 3105 international students are studying at Tilburg University. This University's fee structure is approximately 15000€ per year, and IELTS is required at this University. This university acceptance rate is 57%. This University always opens its doors to international students.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS requires with minimum 6 score

Average tuition fee

15000€ per year average tuition fee

Acceptance rate


5. Amsterdam Business School:

The University of Amsterdam has various faculties, including Science, Humanities, Business, Law, Medicine, and Business school, one of the most famous institutions among students who choose to study business from universities abroad. International students can apply to study business at this university. This university offers bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. programs. Tuition fees for bachelors are around 4000 EUR per year. The tuition fee for a master's is about 7000 EUR per year. The acceptance rate for international students at the University of Amsterdam is 47% which is highly competitive.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

IELTS requires with minimum 6 score

Average tuition fee

15000€ per year average tuition fee

Acceptance rate


Top universities in Netherlands

6. Design Academy Eindhoven:

This institution is one of the top universities in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The mission of Design Academy Eindhoven is educational innovation, knowledge growth, and research. This university provides many Master's and bachelor's programs. This institution gives freedom to students to create impactful designs. Design Academy Eindhoven encourages and supports students to participate in different activities during their education.

To apply to this university, students should complete the application form and attach the necessary papers. The application form should be completed first, followed by the portfolio, assignments, and portrait photograph. Students will receive an invitation to an interview via MS Teams if all application materials are uploaded. IELTS is required with a minimum of 6 bands. This University has an acceptance rate of 30-40%.

World Ranking

#9 in QS world ranking

IELTS required or not

IELTS requires with minimum 6 score

Average tuition fee

10,000€ per year average tuition fee for international students

Acceptance rate


Admission requirements and documents list

Students must complete all documents according to their chosen University's requirements for admission. Every University has different criteria for admission. It depends on the degree. The following are some of the most usual requirements for admission in the Netherlands. 

  •  Students need passport pictures
  •  A valid passport
  •  The Photocopy of a valid visa
  •  National identity card
  •  Matric to onward results from cards
  •  University acceptance letter
  •  Evidence of Health certificate
  •  Students have no criminal record
  •  The English language expertise certificate
  •  Must show Letter of a parent or legal guardian of a student
  •  Students can support their studies in the Netherlands; then they must show income source 

Usually, admission requirements and documents depend on the University or the study program, and further documents could be essential.

Visa requirements and documents of Netherlands 

All Pakistani students who want to be admitted to Netherlands universities for education purposes must require a student visa. Pakistani students need to pay an Embassy application fee of 170 Euros for a Netherlands visa. Students must pay biometric fees and processing fees to study in Netherlands. There are the following required documents for a Netherlands Study visa

  • Students must have an original passport at least six months before expiration.
  • CV (optional)
  • Original admission letter/ letter of acceptance issued by a university
  • Study Plan
  • Police clearness certificate.
  • Bank statement for Netherlands study visa
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of Income
  • Languages certificate Dutch or English is optional.
  • The visa success ratio for Pakistani students is 97%.

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Cost of living in Netherlands for Pakistani students

The cost of living mainly depends on the student's standard of living. The Netherlands is a reasonable country for all international students. The living expenses depend on the location and city of the Netherlands. However, with 800-1200€ per month, a Pakistani student can live there very comfortably.

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Rents in metropolitan areas will be higher than estimated since the Netherlands hosts a more significant number of expats and visitors than other European nations due to its lovely scenery and tourist attractions. However, the average cost of lodging is as follows:

  • Dorm Room at University: 350-500 Euros per month.
  • The monthly rent for a studio apartment ranges between 700 and 900 Euros.
  • A shared room costs between 500 and 600 euros per month.
  • 500-700 Euros per month for a homestay.

Job opportunities for Pakistani students in Netherlands

Part-time working hours and income

The Netherlands is an economically stable country with plenty of part-time/full-time job opportunities. Part-time work is essential for international students, so universities in Netherlands allow for part-time work. Students can support their study expenses and learn how to work in the Netherlands. Working hours for students are 10-16 hours per week. If the University allows students to work, they can efficiently work there and bear expenses.

There are the following steps for part-time work

  • Students can acquire permission from their University.
  • Students have to write an application to their university Administration aimed at the agreement to work part-time.
  • It depends on whether their hostel will allow it for part-time work. If they approve, their Working time can be, at most, 10-16 hours a week. Students can work during semesters, and after completing their education, they can work full-time.
  • In semester holidays, students can work 40 hours per week without any restrictions.

After study work permit/ future opportunities for Pakistan students

Students studying in international universities in Netherlands have many opportunities for a bright future because these universities partner with many global companies. After a study work permit is easily attained in the Netherlands for Pakistani students, they can apply for a search permit before the expiration of their student permit. During this year, students can search for a job according to their abilities, and after that, they can shift this search permit into a work permit without leaving the country. However, if they cannot do so, they have to leave the country. There are also trustworthy jobs where students can look for a job.

  • Applicant must be 18 years old and meet the physical circumstances required for work-study positions.
  • Must Comply with their rules and regulations be of good character, perform well, and have no criminal record or violation of laws and disciplines.
  • When students have been done studying for undergraduate, Master or research, getting a job in the Netherlands is more accessible than in any other European country.

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Posted on 23rd Aug 2023

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