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Master Degree in Italy for Pakistani Students

By Administrator | Last modified 13th Mar 2024

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Master's degree in Italy is popular among those university students who have completed their bachelor's in Pakistani universities. Italy, home to rich culture, diverse region, amazing home, and great education system is attracting students from all across the world. Postgraduate studies in Italy are very popular among students and Italy is offering scholarships, tuition waivers, and multiple English-taught programs which makes Italy an even more fascinating destination. By preserving the history of ancient Roman monuments and the Renaissance period Italy has a great influence on art, philosophy, and sciences in Europe.

Italy has more than 80 universities who are offering very affordable Masters, English taught programs to international students. Universities like the University of Bologna and, the University of Pisa are Italy's ancient universities known for their academic excellence and innovation in the fields of engineering and research. The tuition fee of the universities is very reasonable i.e., €900 to €2,000 per year which is very less than any other European country. The application fee for a Master's in any university ranges from 15-30 euros.

The universities are offering more than 500 Masters English-taught programs to international students that too without IELTS/TOFEL which shows the commitment of Italy towards internationalization. For those who are thinking of pursuing a Masters Italy is the right choice to make because the universities here offer a blend of historic charm and advanced education. Below is the guide for those who want to secure admission to Italian universities for their postgraduate studies:

Study Master’s in Italy for Pakistani Students

Teaching Language

Italian, English

Top Universities

  • University of Padua
  • University of Bologna
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • University of Milan
  • University of Pisa

Course Duration

In Italy, Master’s degree study lasts for 2 years.

Minimum education required

14 years of education, a bachelor's degree its equivalent is required for a Master's in Italy. 


Eligibility Criteria

Should have bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Average fee structure

For international students, the fee of the Master's program is approximately €900 to €2,000 per year. It may vary from the university to university or the discipline you choose.

Is IELTS required or not?

May or maybe not

Entry test

If you want to study Master's in Italy in fields like business, finance, management, or other related fields GMAT OR GRE test is required.



Part-time job Working hours

20 Hours per week

After the study work permit

"Stay Visa for Work Purposes" or "Job Search Visa" is offered to students after completing their studies.

Embassy or Consulate office location

Plot No. 12-15, Street 17, G-5, Diplomatic Enclave,44000, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Bank statements

A Bank statement of Up to 10,000 euros is required to show financial stability

Average monthly expense

1000-1500 EUR

Admission processing time

Several weeks to a few months

Visa processing time

A few weeks to a couple of months

Masters study in Italy for Pakistani students

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Master Scholarships in Italy for Pakistani Students

Italy is granting scholarships to international students for Master’s and giving them a chance to uplift their lives and accomplish their academic goals by studying at one of the greatest universities in the world. By granting scholarships to international students the government and the universities of Italy are introducing several students to the rich and lively culture and history of Italy. 

Following are the few scholarship programs for Master’s degrees that provide financial support as well as many other benefits to international students:

  1. Invest in your Talent in Italy Scholarship
  2. International Scholarship for Masters in Management of Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Politecnico International Scholarship
  4. University of Padua Scholarships
  5. University of Pisa Scholarships

1. Invest in your Talent in Italy Scholarship:

Master Programs in Italy are also being taught with the addition of giving scholarships to international students. This scholarship program is designed to encourage international students to study at Italian universities. The scholarship is open for students from specific countries who want to study master's degree in one of the partner universities in Italy. The duration of this award is 9 months and it covers the full tuition fee. The eligibility criteria are that the student should have an English B2 language certificate, should be a citizen of the partner country, and must be a motivated student. The following are the perks that one can get under this scholarship program:

  • Scholarship of € 8,100 (€ 900 for 9 months)
  • Exempted tuition fees
  • Italian language course for free
  • In-company training

2. International Scholarship for Masters in Management of Sustainable Development Goals:

The Award is available to those students of Masters who want to continue their Master's studies at LUMSA University. The program for which this scholarship is offered is MSDG which is an English-taught program. The award of Scholarship is €5,000- 10,000 euros and reduced tuition fee. The duration of this program is two years. Those students are eligible for this scholarship who have high academic grades and have experience in the field of development both in academics and practically. 

3. Politecnico International Scholarship:

This scholarship program is offered to those international students who want to study Masters in the programs i.e., engineering and Architecture. The scholarship is merit-based and is granted only to those who have high academic records as well as relevant academic backgrounds. The award of this scholarship is worth €8,000 per year and it’s a two-year program. Other than that, the university offers some other categories of scholarships i.e., Gold, Silver & Platinum, and the worth of these awards is 10000€, 5000€ & tuition fee waivers respectively. Eligible students must hold a valid GRE test.

4. University of Padua Scholarships:

The University of Padua is offering scholarships to international students in their different programs. For development and educational psychology, the university grants two scholarships every year and for mathematical engineering five students are selected every year. The scholarship program is highly competitive the only eligibility criteria are that students must have a relevant background and should have excellent academic performance. The university is offering scholarships to talented international students and it includes a stipend of 8,000 EUR and a tuition fee is also waived.

5. University of Pisa Scholarships:

The University of Pisa offers 24 merit-based scholarships to the students who get admission to one of their English-taught Master's programs every year. They look for those students who have a strong academic background.  The University of Pisa grants scholarships to those students on priority who belong to less advantaged or underdeveloped countries. The Award of this scholarship is worth €8,000 and a 50% tuition fee is waived.  The duration of this program is 2 years and the eligible students must have a strong academic record.

Masters in Italy universities page

Universities in Italy for Pakistani Students

  1. University of Padua
  2. University of Bologna
  3. Sapienza University of Rome
  4. University of Milan
  5. University of Pisa

1. University of Padua:

The University of Padua is 2nd oldest university in Italy and the fifth oldest in the world.  The university leads in the fields of research and innovation.  The university has 32 departments and eight schools that offer multiple courses to national and international students. Being the 2nd oldest university in Italy, it has produced several successful people who are proudly achieving their goals in their lives. University offers multiple courses for Master's degree programs to international students which include:

  • Veterinary medicine & Agricultural sciences
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Cultural Heritage & Social Sciences

March 7, 2024, is the deadline to apply for English-taught degree programs at the University of Padua.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

1500-2000 EUR

Acceptance rate


2. Bologna University Master Programs:

The University of Bologna the most ancient university in the world was established in 1810. Bologna is a prestigious university with a vibrant history and academic excellence. Bologna is also famous because it has produced some greatest minds in the history of the world i.e., Nobel laureates, popes, Marconi, Enzo Ferrari, and many more. The university is offering multiple programs including humanities and sciences. It is one of the universities in Italy that offers English-taught programs to students and grants admission to international students without any English proficiency test. Below is the list of programs offered for Masters in Bologna University:

  • Computer science
  • Health
  • Engineering
  • Social science and humanities

The call for admissions in Bologna for September intake 2024 is 29th February 2024 and the deadline to apply is 8th April 2024.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

900-2000 EUR

Acceptance rate


3. Sapienza University of Rome Master Programs:

This university was established in 1303 by Pope Boniface, Sapienza University of Rome the largest university in Europe accommodating 115,000 including 9,000 international students. It offers a diverse range of courses to undergraduates across 63 departments. Given is the list of courses that the university offers to students for the Master's degree program:

  • Physical sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Business and economics
  • Law
  • Clinical, pre-clinical, and health
  • Arts and humanities

The last date to apply to the University of Sapienza for non-EU candidates to get admission to Sapienza University is April 29, 2024.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

2000-2500 EUR

Acceptance rate


4. University of Milan:

The University of Milan, founded in the year 1924, is known for its accomplishments in the field of research and technological innovations. Over time by delivering a healthy and stimulating environment for the personal growth and learning of students it has attracted a huge number of international students towards Italy for pursuing their higher education. The university is contributing to internationalization by offering admissions to students without English tests of Proficiency. The deadline for applying for non-EU students residing outside of Italy is 31 March 2024. Following are the few courses that have been offered to the students for Masters degree

  • Computer science
  • Chemistry
  • Law
  • Economics and management

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

1156 EUR

Acceptance rate


5. University of Pisa:

The University of Pisa in Italy was founded in 1343 and is known to be one of the oldest universities in Italy.  The university has been excelling in the field of engineering and Technology. Following are the programs which are offered by the university to those international students who want to pursue their Master’s in Italy:

  • Engineering and technology
  • Business and management
  • Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies
  • Mathematics and Natural sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Computer Science and IT

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

2400 EUR

Acceptance rate


Masters in Italy universities for Pakistani students
Admission requirements and documents list

Before applying for a Master's in an Italian university students should have the following documents which are a must for getting admission to any university in Italy:

  • University application form
  • Academic transcript
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Identification document (CNIC & passport)
  • Letter of recommendation (at least two)
  • Language proficiency proof (Italian or English, based on the program you wish to apply for if required)
  • Study Plan
  • Additional documents (resume, proof of work, SOPs, etc.)

Visa requirements and documents list

Visa requirements for Italy are not different than any other country in Europe Following are the documents that anyone is required to study in Italy:

  • Summary of University
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of acceptance from the Italian institution (without IELTS)
  • Completed visa application
  • FRC (Family Registration Certificate)
  • Clean criminal record
  • Sufficient funds for living expenses
  • Medical insurance proof
  • Accommodation confirmation in Italy
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of fee payment.

Cost of Living in Italy

While studying for a Master's degree in Italy an estimated cost that a student can expect including tuition fees and other living expenses is estimated at 1000- 1200 EUR monthly. Following is the bifurcation of living costs in Italy:


Cost (EUR)

Tuition fee






Food and Meals




Part-time working hours and income

The Master's students are permitted 20 hours to work in a week during their study term. This time duration is a standard that every university or government of Italy gives students so that they can maintain a balance between their studies and work. This is a great help for those students who have to manage their finances on their own. In Holidays the students are allowed to work full time. The wage per hour offered to students is approximately 10-15 EUR. 

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After study work permit/Future opportunities.

Italy not only offers work opportunities and work visas to its students after their education is complete but also grants Permanent Residency. Students need to be patient because all this happens through a process. Initially, after the students graduate, if they want to study in Italy, they are offered a Job search Visa by the Italian Government which helps them to stay in Italy for up to a year, and when they get their desired job they via in converted into work permit which further leads to Permanent Residency after few years. The options or some popular fields that the Master's students can explore in the Job Market of Italy are Architecture, Business Administration, Fashion design Interior design, Engineering, and many more.

Study masters in Italy best consultant 

Posted on 28th Feb 2024

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