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Fully-funded scholarship in USA 2021 

We will talk about scholarships in the USA for international students in 2020. There are three different kinds of scholarships that typically, international students get in the USA for their studies.

1: The first is called financial aid, which is need-based, and typically they will ask for all financial documents, including financial documents of family.

2: The second is merit scholarships, which are self-explanatory.

3: The third is called athletic scholarships, which is typically for top athletes.

Below are number of United state universities which are providing Full and partial scholarships to international students.

Fully funded scholarship in USA.universities page

1: Number One University, which is Columbia University. Columbia University is an Ivy League university located in New York, and it ranks amongst the top 20 universities in the world. Columbia has a need-aware admissions process, which means that it is very generous with financial aid towards the international students’ body. It is going to bias you if you apply for aid, which means you stand a better chance of getting admission if you're not applying to aid. However, if you're super qualified and get through that difficult admission process, they are incredibly generous with their aid. They guarantee that they will meet a hundred percent of the demonstrated need. Last year Columbia University gave 13million dollars in financial aid to international students.

2: Number two is the university of Chicago. It is one of the top ten universities in the US and is particularly strong in economics. Chicago University frequently features in the list of universities that give the maximum amount of international aid to international students. However, like Columbia University, Chicago university also needs aware, which means you could get disadvantaged if you apply for that aid; however, if you are super qualified and you make it through that admission process, you're going to get a generous financial aid which could include your entire tuition cost, cost of living, books and personal expenses. In addition to the financial aid, it also offers undergraduate a merit scholarship. This could be a partial tuition scholarship and is irrespective of your need or financial need or your aid application. All International students are eligible for this merit scholarship, and it is an automatic scholarship; you do not need to apply for it, especially if one you already get admission to that university.

3: Number Three is Amherst College. It is one of the top 25 colleges in the US and is situated in Massachusetts Amherst. As a need-blind admission process, they will not look at your financial need, and they will grant you admission if they like you. Last year Amherst college gave scholarships to about 1000 international scholarships, almost 50% of their entire incoming international.

4:Number four comes up at the Washington University at st. Louis. Itis one of the top hundred universities in the world and is a leading University, especially in the field of medicine and life sciences. It has two instituted scholarship programs that together give up to 50 scholarships to deserving international students. The two scholarships are, first, the Anika Rodriguez scholarship and second the Danford Scholars Program, which cover full or partial tuition fee expenses.

5: Number five is Yale University, one of the top 15universities in the world. It is located at Blue Haven in Connecticut, not very far from New York. It also has a need-blind admission policy, which is excellent; they do not consider your financial need. They give you admission on your merit. They give about one hundred to hundred and fifty scholarships a year, about fifty thousand dollars, and they guarantee to meet your entire course financial need. Now families who have income levels of less than $65,000, and this applies across nationalities, so sixty-five thousand dollars is approximately about forty-five lakh rupees. If your family income is less than about 45 lakhs per annum, then you have a good chance of completing your undergraduate education tuition-free and loan free.

6: Number six is MIT. MIT is one of the top universities in the world and is located in Boston. MIT also has a need-blind admissions policy. Mit has a need lined admission policy, which means if they like you your previous performance, they guarantee full financial aid. MIT gives around three hundred to four hundred scholarships irrespective of nationality, averaging about $42,000 every year.

7: Number seven is Princeton University, one of the top ten universities in the world located in New Jersey. It is an Ivy League school they've given about four hundred to five hundred scholarships every single year, averaging about $50,000, irrespective of nationality. They would take care of tuition, room, boarding, books, and, personal expenses. In fact, sixty percent of the international student’s batch at Princeton class of 2021 is getting some financial aid from the university.

8: Number eight is New York University, one of the best universities, and its Abu Dhabi campus grants scholarships to the entire batch of about 300 to 400 students. So, this batch of 300 to 400 students at this campus, which are from about a hundred different countries, get a financial aid package of up to72,000 dollars, which includes your tuition fee, cost of living, boarding, books, personal expenses, and foreign travel on account of study abroad programs. And a stipend of upwards of $2,000 a year financial support may also include, twice a year, tickets from Abu Dhabi to your country of residence and given NYU's global.

9: Number nine is Harvard University, a top-ranked university located in Boston gave 500 to 600 scholarships to international students across nationalities averaging about $60,000 a year. Now Harvard University is a need-blind University, which means they will give you the aid automatically if you get chosen in their highly competitive admissions process. At least 20% of their entire batch pays nothing and a hundred percent of the batch graduates with zero debt.

So, here are the exciting top 9 universities in the USA offering the ability to complete your higher education by paying almost nothing for free.

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