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Free Study in Italy for Pakistani Students step-by-step Guide 2024-25

By Administrator | Last modified 09th Mar 2024

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Study in Italy for Pakistani students has become a dream for almost every Pakistani. Italy is one of the most beautiful and developed countries in Europe, therefore it is attracted by the tourists who are willing to see historical places of Italy. Italy is not only famous for its beauty but it is considered as one of the best destinations for study abroad in Europe. People from all over the world especially from Asia including Pakistan want to study for their graduation, master’s, and doctoral programs in this country. 

Italy is famous due to its expert teaching staff and universities which are worldwide very prominent due to their better educational criteria than other universities of different countries. The IELTS requirement is not compulsory for every university in Italy. The average tuition fee is a minimum for many universities in Italy like study in Turkey for Pakistani students

Study in Italy for Pakistani Students

Teaching Language


Top Universities 

  • University of Pisa
  • University of Padua
  • University of Milan
  • University of Florence
  • University of Bologna
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • LUISS University
  • Link Campus University
  • University of Pavia
  • Rome Business School
  • The American University of Rome
  • LUISS Business School

Course Duration

Bachelor’s degree program: 3 Years

Master’s degree program: 2 Years

Doctoral degree program: 3 to 4 Years

Average application fee

10 euros - 45 euros

Minimum education required


Average fee structure

155 Euros – 2050 Euros Yearly

Is IELTS required or not?

Not Required

Eligibility criteria

Must have completed 12 years of school education



Part-time job Working hours

20-24 hours per week

After the study work permit

2-Years work permit

Embassy location or Consulate office

Plot 196, Street 208, 17, G5, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Pakistan

Bank statements

Bank statement of at least 500 EUR for tuition costs and living expenses and 5500 EUR yearly expenses are compulsory

Average monthly expense

500 euros for a single person

Admission processing time

Almost 4 weeks

Visa processing time

4 to 8 weeks duration

Study in Italy Universities Page 

Lahore Office

Islamabad Office

Why study in Italy from Pakistan

Pakistani students must go to study in Italy, there are many reasons behind this including scholarship opportunities, top universities with expert staff, and much more. If you are in search of free study in Italy for international students then you are at the right place. If you are enthusiastic about knowing about the reason behind studying in Italy then you must study the given below reasons:

  • The cost of food and living expenses in Italy are much cheaper than in New York, so this might prove to be a great opportunity for you. 
  • Italy is a European country therefore it has great importance for all other students who are willing to study in Europe. 
  • Italy is famous for its historical places, therefore, those students who are willing to study about historical places then they must come here to enhance their knowledge study.
  • Italy is famous for its Rome city surrounded by 7 mountains and the natural beauty of Italy attracts tourism to itself. 
  • Italy is considered a developed country so you will not find any difficulty in living there and enjoy the best views of the country. 
  • Italy is considered the safest country in the world therefore females also can think about studying there in Italy. 
  • Italy provides fully funded and partially funded scholarships to students which might prove to be a good opportunity for those who are poor. 
  • Italy’s language is English and Italian therefore it is suitable for English-speaking and non-English speaking people as you get the opportunity of great learning.
  • You will find the best teaching staff in the university helping you all the time to get out of your troubles. 
  • Work permits are also provided by the country which is suitable for those who want to earn more and meet their daily expenses of accommodation and traveling etc.

Scholarships In Italy for Pakistani Students

There are many scholarships in Italy due to most of the students studying there in the country. There are many fully funded, partially funded, and fee waiver scholarships provided by the universities and by the government of Italy. Some of the most prominent scholarships provided to Italy university students are given below:

  1. Italy Government Scholarship
  2. Bocconi UniversityScholarship
  3. University of Torino Scholarship
  4. University of Bologna Scholarship
  5. Padua University Scholarship
  6. Milan UniversityScholarship
  7. Regional Based Scholarships 

1. Italy Government Scholarship:

Italy Government Scholarship is one of the most prominent scholarships in Italy as it is provided every year for 900 € to international students of master’s and PhD classes. Italy Government Scholarship gives students the all benefits that make them able to meet their daily living expenditures of living, food and traveling, etc. Health insurance facilities are also provided by the scholarship. 

2. Bocconi University Scholarship: 

The Bocconi University of Italy provides scholarships to international students including Pakistani students. It is a merit-based scholarship that is provided to international students to give them facilities of a stipend of 12000 € to bachelor students and 14000 € to master students. 

3. University of Torino Scholarship: 

Those students who are willing to study Engineering and Architecture, are given this scholarship, and 100% tuition fee-free facilities are given to overseas students including Pakistani students. The scholarship might prove to be a great opportunity for those who are willing to study for free in Italy. 

4. University of Bologna Scholarship:

University of Bologna Scholarship is one of the best scholarships provided by Italy universities to international students. The scholarship is for first-cycle and second-cycle students in Italy. The scholarship is worth 11,000 € and a complete tuition fee waiver of 10,000 € is given to the deserving students of the university. 

5. Padua University Scholarship:

The University of Padua gives this scholarship to overseas students for financial help them with accommodation, food, and educational costs. The university scholarship is provided to IT, Economics, Management services, and Engineering students. The scholarship is worth 8000 € which is given to overseas students annually. 

6. Milan University Scholarship:

Millan University scholarship is provided by the University of Millan to international students including Pakistanis. It is provided to master program students especially those who were enrolled in science faculties. 900 € are provided to the overseas students. 

7. Regional Based Scholarships:

The scholarship is provided in different regions of the country. Those students who are needy, merit-based, and those who want to reduce tuition fees in the university can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship gives students many benefits by relaxing them from the tension of not having money. 
Study in Italy for Pakistani Students

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Free Public Universities in Italy for International Students

Many universities in Italy provide the best educational benefits to international students including Pakistani students. Italy is considered among the top destinations where international students prefer to go for study. Some of the most popular universities are given below:

  1. University of Pisa
  2. University of Padua
  3. University of Milan
  4. University of Florence
  5. University of Bologna
  6. Sapienza University of Rome
  7. LUISS University
  8. Link Campus University
  9. University of Pavia
  10. Rome Business School
  11. The American University of Rome
  12. LUISS Business School

Remember that these are the most prominent universities and their details are given below:

1. University of Pisa:

It is a public research university in Italy. It is also considered one of the oldest universities in Pisa, Italy. To study at this university, you must ensure that you have English knowledge at an upper intermediate levelBachelor's and master's programs are being taught there in the university. 

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

2200 EUR

Acceptance rate





2. University of Padua:

 The university was established by a group of students and teachers in 1222. It is a public research university and is the world's oldest and leading university with high-quality education which provides quality support services to international students. Master's degree programs in medicine, Engineering, Political Science, Economics, and accountability are being taught at the university. 

World Ranking


IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

10,000 EUR

Acceptance rate





3. University of Milan:

In Italy, The University of Milan is considered among the largest universities in Milan city. The university is a public research university which is offering 74 master’s programs and 32 doctoral programs in different fields such as Economics, Political Science, Accounting, and much more. Many international students join this university because of its unique teaching criteria from all other universities.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Minimum 4.0

Average tuition fee

2200 €

Acceptance rate

21 %




4. University of Florence:

The University of Florence is the oldest and largest university in Florence, Italy. The University of Florence is considered the best university in Italy as two recent prime ministers of Italy were taught in this university. Engineering, Law, Computer and Education programs are being taught there in the university. All programs are taught in English which may prove to be a great opportunity for Pakistani students.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Minimum 6.5

Average tuition fee

156-3500 €

Acceptance rate

71 %




5. University of Bologna:

You might be proficient in English to get admission to The University of Bologna. The University of Bologna teaches in Italian language as no language is preferred for teaching. You can choose single or second-cycle degree programs to study there in the university.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Minimum 6.5

Average tuition fee

750-3000 €

Acceptance rate

50-59 %




6. Sapienza University of Rome:

Sapienza University of Rome enrolls at least 9000 students from all over the world. 37-degree programs are being taught in the university in entirely English language. Programs of bachelor’s (3-4 years) and master’s (1-2 years) are being studied by all international students including Pakistani students.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Minimum 5.5

Average tuition fee

1000-2500 €

Acceptance rate

39 %




7. LUISS University:

LUISS University is one of the best universities in Italy as it provides 5 bachelor programs taught in English. It teaches bachelor's in Business administration, Economics, Politics, and Artificial Intelligence, etc. If you are interested in any of these courses then the university may prove to be one of the best universities for you as the chances of acceptance application are more than other universities in Italy.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Minimum 5.5

Average tuition fee

13,300 €

Acceptance rate

60-69 %



Study in Italy best universities for Pakistani Students

Study in Italy visa requirements for Pakistani students

You might need to have the following things with you when you start applying for a study visa to Italy so that you may not face any problems with approving your visa application:

  • 2 Passport-sized pictures
  • Must have visa application form
  • Must have a valid passport with a time duration
  • Document refinement forms
  • Pre-enrollment forms
  • Bank statement
  • Must have visa application form

Study in Italy admission requirements for Pakistani students

Some of the most important documents required for admission are given below:

  • Must have official scores on SAT and ACT
  • Original and 2 copies of the Pakistani Passport
  • 2 Passport-sized pictures
  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Must have excellent CGPA in your previous education
  • Give entrance test if applicable for any university admission
  • 2 Photographs of yours with a sign
  • Must have clearance of IELTS which is required for some universities

Free study in Italy best consultant
Cost of studying and living in Italy

If one person wants to live there in the country then expenses will be 855 € without any rent. If there is more than one person usually in the case of spouses or family your monthly expenses may increase to 2990 € without rent. Therefore, if you are willing to live there in the country then you must keep these things in your mind. The cost of living in Italy is usually 19 % less than the cost of living there in the United States of America. To meet your expenses in the country you are also allowed to work in the country.

Part-time working hours in Italy

Part-time working hours are also allowed for international students including Pakistani students in the country. You can work up to 20 hours a week. Make sure that you do not exceed the average part-time job working 40 hours in your mind so that the country’s anti-violence should not be taken by you. Weekly you will be able to earn at least 140 €, this is more than enough for you to live there.

Future opportunities in the country for Pakistani students

Italy is one of the developed countries of Europe, therefore, you will not find any problems of not finding work of your interest. At the start of 2024, there are almost 17000 new startups expected in the country. You will be able to find work of your interest and according to your desired program at the university. Italy market is broad for everyone as there are always more salaries paid to job workers with satisfied working.

Lahore Office

Islamabad Office

Posted on 26th Feb 2024

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