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Study in Italy for Pakistani students

By Administrator | Last modified 12th Mar 2024

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Studying abroad is one of the most significant and crucial aspects of anyone's life since it not only makes us better people but also increases our awareness and broadens our views.Study in Italy for Pakistani students is often regarded as one of the most attractive and populated study-abroad destinations. A considerable number of students travel to Italy to enroll in universities. There are top-rated institutions in Italy, and the high quality of education and study system makes Italy a popular destination for international students worldwide. For Pakistani students education in Italy is free. Some universities may charge yearly fees which are considerably low such as 150 euros to 100 euros per year.

Free education in Italy for Pakistani students attracts students by providing affordable tuition fees that students can afford, as well as a decent cost of living in Italy. Furthermore, the possibility to work while studying in Italy and the scholarships in Italy for Pakistani students system all contribute to Italy as a popular destination.

Study in Italy for Pakistani Students

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               Study in Italy for Pakistani students

Teaching Language


Public and private Universities in Italy

  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • LUISS University
  • Link Campus University
  • University of Pavia
  • Rome Business School
  • The American University of Rome
  • LUISS Business School

Course Duration

  • Bachelor’s degree program: 3 Years
  • Master’s degree program: 2 Years
  • Doctoral degree program: 3 to 4 Years

Average Application fee

10 euros - 50 euros

Minimum education required

12 years education

Average fee structure

156 Euros – 2000 Euros Yearly

Is IELTS required or not for Italy?

Not Required

Entry Test

Mostly not required, but some universities may ask for entry test.

Eligibility criteria

Must have completed 12 years of schooling

Scholarships in italy


Part time job Working hours

20 hours per week

After study work permit

2 years work permit

Average monthly expense

550 euro for single person

Admission processing time

4 weeks

Visa processing time

Between four and eight weeks

In most Italian universities education is free for Pakistani students. Some universities charge annual fees such as 150 euros to 1000 euros, which is also low compared to other European countries. Pakistani students can apply for scholarships also in Italy, which is the best option to study without fees in Italy.

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Scholarships in Italy for Pakistani students

Italy, among the world's most popular tourist destinations, provides fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students every year. Most Scholarships in Italy do not need an application fee.

Study in Italy scholarships for Pakistani students list is as follows.

  1. Italian Government Scholarships 
  2. Padua University – Italy Scholarships 
  3. University of Milan – Italy Scholarships 
  4. University of Torino – Italy Scholarships
  5. University of Bologna – Italy Scholarships
  6. Bocconi University – Italy Scholarships
  7. Università Cattolica - Italy Scholarships

Some other popular scholarships are as follows

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1. Italian Government Scholarships:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Cooperation (MAECI) of Italy awards Italian scholarships yearly to international students. Scholarships are available for Master's Degrees (Laurea Magistrale 2° Ciclo), Arts, Music, and Dance Courses (AFAM), Ph.D. programs, Research under academic supervision (Progetti in co-tutela), and Italian Language and Culture Courses.

2. University of Padua Scholarships:

The University of Padua provides 100 fully-funded scholarships to refugee students and approximately a similar number of scholarships to international students seeking to study at the University of Padova in the departments of IT, Economics, Engineering, and Management Sciences. The award is worth €8,000 in subsistence allowance and tuition cost remission.

3. University of Milan Scholarships:

The Polytechnic University of Milan awards merit-based scholarships to eligible international students enrolled in a Master of Science degree in the first or second semester.

The Politecnico di Milano offers three categories of scholarships:

        1. PLATINUM Scholarships:

This plan is worth 10000€ each year, including no tuition expenses. The scholarship amount will be deposited to the student's bank account in two-thirds of yearly installments.

       2. Gold Scholarships:

This plan is worth 5000€ per year, including no tuition expenses. The scholarship amount will be deposited to the student's bank account in two-thirds of yearly installments.

       3. Silver Scholarships:

This plan solely provides a tuition fee remission and covers the entire academic year's costs.

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4. University of Torino Scholarships:

The Politecnico di Torino provides 100% tuition-free scholarships to overseas students wishing to enroll in academic majors such as Engineering and Architecture.

5. University of Bologna Scholarships:

The University of Bologna provides study awards to exceptional and worthy international students who wish to enroll in the University of Bologna's First Cycle (Bachelor's) and Second Cycle (Master's). This First and Second Cycles will award about 17 Awards. Each study scholarship is for one academic year and is worth €11,059, including complete tuition price waivers of €10000.

6. University of Bocconi Scholarships:

International students may apply for merit-based scholarships at Bocconi University's Bachelor's and Master's programs. The scholarship is valued at up to €12,000 annually for the Bachelor's Program and up to €14,000 annually for the Master's Program.

7. Università Cattolica Scholarships:

Università Cattolica offers an annual tuition cost reduction through the UCSC International Scholarship. This scholarship aims to increase the presence of international students and promote the formation of a global community. The reduction amounts to around 25% of the overall degree cost.

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Universities in Italy for Pakistani students

The most popular public and private universities in Italy for Pakistani students are as follows.

  1. Sapienza University of Rome
  2. LUISS University
  3. Link Campus University
  4. University of Pavia
  5. Rome Business School
  6. The American University of Rome
  7. LUISS Business School

1. Sapienza University of Rome:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

1000 EUR

Acceptance rate


The Sapienza University of Rome, founded by Pope Boniface VIII in 1303 and frequently ranked high in worldwide university rankings, is one of the world's oldest universities. Sapienza has played a key role in Italian history since its founding and has been actively involved in critical societal, economic, and political developments. Its purpose is to help build a knowledge society via research, excellence, excellent education, and worldwide collaboration.

2. LUISS University:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

85000 EUR

Acceptance rate


LUISS University is located in Rome, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where art, history, and culture combine to create an amazing atmosphere. Luiss is an international university specializing in social sciences and offers a dynamic learning environment centered on entrepreneurship, responsibility, and sustainability.

They believe that social sciences play a critical role in the growing digital society and strive to inspire and empower a better future. Luiss has had privileged contacts with the business world since its inception, thanks to its association with Confindustria, the General Confederation of Italian Industry, law studios, government agencies, and civil society.

3. Link Campus University:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

6500-12000 EUR

Acceptance rate

Not reported

Link Campus Institution (LCU) is a private university located in the heart of Rome. LCU offers students the chance to study in a location of exceptional beauty. Its cutting-edge teaching and industry-focused approach mold students into capable people who can successfully navigate the professional world. 

4. University of Pavia:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

482-1500 EUR

Acceptance rate


The University of Pavia (UNIPV) is located in Pavia, a vibrant and secure city in the center of Italy's Manufacturing District and the ancient Lombard Kingdom's capital. UNIPV is one of the world's oldest universities, with a diverse array of academic programs. 26,000 students, 1,800 staff members, and 1,800 international students study and work in a variety of areas at the UNIPV, which is linked by a culture of inquiry. 

5. Rome Business School:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

6000 EUR

Acceptance rate


The Rome Business School is located in the eternal city of Rome, the cradle of a millennium civilization that has always inspired and fascinated the globe. The Rome Business School is a global institution that accepts students, businesses, governments, organizations, and entrepreneurs from over 161 countries.

They provide high academic Master's and MBA programmes, as well as Executive Education training programmes that are globally certified and ranked among the finest in the world: Rome Business Institution is the ideal school to attend if you want to become the manager the world requires. 

6. The American University of Rome:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

15000 EUR

Acceptance rate


The American University of Rome (AUR) is a private, autonomous, non-profit school of higher learning that primarily provides undergraduate and graduate liberal arts and professional programs worldwide to degree and study abroad students. It is the oldest American university in Rome, Italy, and now provides 10 Bachelor's and three Master's degrees.

All programs are taught entirely in English. In an international setting, AUR's unique programs foster academic brilliance, personal growth, and a respect for cultural variety. 

Study in Italy without IELTS

7. LUISS Business School:

IELTS required or not


Average tuition fee

20000 EUR

Acceptance rate


LUISS Business School, founded in 1986, is a leading business school in the world-renowned city of Rome, where beauty, history, and culture create an incredible setting. Its purpose is to foster the development of professionals capable of driving change and innovation. To fulfill the genuine demands of the business community, the teaching techniques are built on a tight relationship between teaching and practical research, experiential activities, and academic quality. 

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Application Requirements in Italy

The general qualifying requirements for admission to a recognized institution in Italy are as follows:

  • Picture (Not older than 06 Months)
  • Original Passport
  • Original ID Card
  • Matric to Onward Educational Documents (Transcripts and Degrees)
  • English Proficiency Letter
  • Two Recommendation Letter
  • Europass CV
  • Study Plan
  • Other Additional Documents

Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Pakistani/non-European students must get a visa to enter and study in Italy. Some of the visa criteria for Pakistani students are as follows:

  • Admission letter for the University
  • University summary
  • Original Passport
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Educational Documents
  • F.R.C.(Family Registration Certificate)
  • Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Affidavit letter to show economic status and show a relationship with the sponsor
  • Police Clearance Certificate (no criminal record)

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Cost of Studying and Living in Italy

Tuition fees vary per institution but are frequently lower than in other European or North American nations. As a result, Italian universities are appealing to overseas students. International students in Italy can pursue a high-quality higher education at an affordable price.

Undergraduate studies in Italy endure three years as opposed to four years in other nations. The Bologna system governs education in Italy, meaning bachelor's and Master's degrees may be achieved in 5 years of study. This enables you to save money for a whole academic year in Italy. Italy is one of Europe's most affordable countries. Turin, Pisa, and Padua are among the more affordable cities.

Part-Time Working Hours and Income

As a foreign student in Italy, you are permitted to work part-time to help cover your expenses. Non-European students must have a valid residence status and are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week under Italian law.

The average hourly wage for part-time workers in Italy is €7, therefore weekly earnings might reach €140 and monthly earnings can reach €560 for international students. Aside from the lack of skilled vocations, Italy offers a diverse range of part-time employment opportunities.

Future Opportunities in Italy

After finishing their master's or PhD, Pakistani students can apply for a post-study work permit in Italy. They are permitted to stay in Italy for a year until they find full-time employment. Non-EU students having study visas can work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and full-time during the summer. This can assist students with their living expenditures.

After completing their studies, students participating in 2nd Degree Master's and PhD programs may apply for a temporary residence visa. This 6- to 12-month extension will give you plenty of time to look for new work.

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Study in Italy

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Posted on 07th Nov 2022

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