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MBBS in Austria for Pakistani Students

By Administrator | Last modified 02nd Nov 2023

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MBBS in Austria for Pakistani Students is an excellent option in terms of quality of education like MBBS in Italy. Pakistani students aspiring to pursue an MBBS degree have the opportunity to study in Austria. Austrian medical universities offer a high standard of education and a diverse learning environment. By meeting the admission criteria and fulfilling language requirements, Pakistani students can embark on a journey of medical education in Austria with an average tuition fee ranging between 4166 to 7500 Euros per year.

IELTS is not required to study MBBS in Austria. International students including Pakistani students do not need IELTS to get admission in Austrian Medical Universities.

Scholarships in Austria for Pakistani students are earned on merit-based. Austrian Government award hundreds of fully funded scholarships to international students each year.  Fully-funded scholarships are awarded to deserving international students, including Pakistan.

     MBBS in Austria for Pakistani Students

Teaching Language


Top Medical Universities in Austria

  • The Medical University of Vienna
  • The Medical University of Graz
  • The Medical University of Innsbruck

Course Duration

Six years.

Minimum education required

Higher secondary education or equivalent with a strong background in science subjects.

Average fee structure

4166- 7500 Euros per year

Is IELTS required or not?

Not required 

Entry Test

Not required

Eligibility criteria

Academic qualifications and other specific requirements set by the University.



Part-time job Working hours

20 hours per week

After the study work permit

Yes, you can

Embassy location

Number 7 A Street 21, F-8/2, Islamabad.

Bank statements

Yes,  at least 515 Euros per month

Average monthly expense

1000 Euros

Admission processing time

90 days

Visa processing time

40 days

MBBS in Austria for Pakistani students

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Scholarships in Austria for Pakistani Students

Austria's rich academic landscape opens its doors to Pakistani students through a diverse array of scholarship opportunities. Scholarships in Austria for Pakistani students help to develop and great a sense of appreciation for the Pakistani students in order to get admitted in renowned universities of Austria. Moreover, Austria is a world recognized country that offers fully-funded scholarships to Pakistani students who want to go Austrian medical universities. The government of Austria is offering them grants on their tuition fee monthly. The further details of these scholarship are given below:

Austria Government Scholarship

The Austria Government Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for international students aiming to study MBBS in Austria. The Austria Government Scholarship supports international students in pursuing academic goals in Austria. The program includes a monthly scholarship payment of EUR 1,050, comprehensive health insurance coverage ranging from EUR 55, assistance with accommodations, and coverage of round-trip air travel expenses.

Scholarships for MBBS in Austria

Universities in Austria

MBBS in Austria offers an excellent opportunity for Pakistani students. It is a serving academic hub for aspiring medical professionals. These universities provide advanced medical education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical training. The curriculum of MBBS is designed in such a way, so that it may equip the students with the necessary skills and expertise for a successful and prospering medical career. The topmost and renowned universities are listed below:

  1. The Medical University of Vienna
  2. The Medical University of Graz
  3. The Medical University of Innsbruck

 1. The Medical University of Vienna

The University got established in 1365. The Medical University of Vienna stands as a pinnacle of medical education and research, offering a remarkable opportunity for Pakistani students to embark on their journey in the field of medicine. For Pakistani students aspiring to pursue MBBS studies, the Medical University of Vienna presents a gateway to acquire in-depth medical expertise while immersing themselves in the dynamic cultural milieu of Vienna. By enrolling at the Medical University of Vienna, Pakistani students not only gain access to world-class medical education but also become part of a legacy of excellence that spans generations of medical practitioners. The Medical University of Vienna offers range of MBBS programs for young Pakistani students. It provides a supportive environment for Pakistani students to excel and make contributions to healthcare, with an esteemed faculty and advanced facilities. The world ranking of the University is #206, with an acceptance rate of 28%. The average tuition fee of the University is 800 euros. IELTS is not a requirement from the Medical University of Vienna. 

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Not required

Average tuition fee

800 Euros

Acceptance rate


2. The Medical University of Graz

The University came into being in the year 2004. The Medical University of Graz offers amazing medical programs and a nurturing educational environment to those high achievers from Pakistan. And also, the university is providing quality education and innovative research to the students that helps the Pakistani students to get empowered in the dynamic field of medicine. It has a world ranking of # 333. The average tuition fee costs around 4530 euros per year. The University does not require IELTS for Pakistani students. The University has an acceptance rate that lies between 10-19%. 

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Not required

Average tuition fee

4530 Euros per year

Acceptance rate


3. The Medical University of Innsbruck

The Medical University of Innsbruck is a respected choice for Pakistani students aiming to study medicine which got established in the year 2004. For Pakistani students aspiring to pursue MBBS studies, the Medical University of Innsbruck offers a gateway to acquire invaluable medical expertise. The University's commitment to research and clinical exposure enhances the learning experience, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to excel in the medical field. With its emphasis on medical education, the University offers valuable knowledge and hands-on skills. Pakistani students can engage in cross-cultural interactions, forming connections that broaden their horizons and shape their global perspectives. Pakistani students aspiring to become doctors can benefit from the University's expertise, modern resources, and research prospects, making it an appealing destination for their medical journey.

World Ranking


IELTS required or not

Not required

Average tuition fee

4000 Euros per year

Acceptance rate


top medical universities in Austria

Admission requirements and documents list

Pakistani students who are eagerly interested in enrolling in the Austrian medical universities, then they must provide with official and valid documentation for their admission. These documents will decide their admission on the basis of their eligibility for the specific medical universities they want to get admission into. The documents which are needed for the admission process are as follows:

  • Mark sheets of 10th and 12th grades
  • Consent letter from parents
  • Your application form and the fee receipt.
  • Your white background passport-sized pictures.
  • Your transcripts and other records of your achievement, grades, or any other academic achievement you have received in honor.
  • Last degree certificate (12 years of education with a science background)
  • Students must take an entrance examination for admission to the medical program
  • The evidence of your bank statements that whether you or your family have enough financial means to survive in Austria along with the travel expenses).
  • You require a reference letter that includes any of your skills, or qualities that you professionally and academically have. Therefore, this letter should be signed by an individual who knows you personally and signs a letter of reference on his/her behalf.
  • A personal statement of yours is needed in order to give an insight into you thoroughly that includes your personality, your professional or extracurricular experiences, and career preferences in order to fit the area of study you are planning to apply for in Austria.
  • You need a passport and ID card copy for your national identification.
  • You need a letter of motivation
  • Two letters of recommendations
  • Medical examination

Please note that the authenticity of these documents is important, and they are essential for completing the application process accurately.

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Visa requirements and documents for Pakistan students

After getting admission from the world-class medical universities in Austria, then comes the process of visa application which may also require further documentation from the students. On the basis of those official and valid documents, the students will get a study visa. For Austrian Schengen visa, embassy visa fee is 80 EurosApplicants need to provide the following documents as part of their submission: 

  • Your passport needs to have validity for at least six months; if its expiry is about to come, then you must apply for a new passport.
  • Your visa application form
  • Four recent passport-sized pictures.
  • You need to show proof of your admission or acceptance from the University of your Desired Chosen Country.
  • The evidence of your bank statements that whether you or your family have enough financial means to survive in Brazil along with the travel expenses). If you have gained any scholarship, you need to attach the receipt of the financial aid.
  • In case you are married, your civil documents are required, including your birth certificate and marriage certificate.
  • Your health insurance certification is required.
  • These documents are vital for the application process and ensure accurate and genuine submissions.
  • Austrian study visa success ratio for Pakistani students is 5-10%.

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Cost of living in Austria for Pakistani students

The cost of living in Austria for MBBS students, including those from Pakistan, can vary depending on the city of study, individual lifestyle, and personal choices. Accommodation is a significant portion of the cost. Rent for student housing or shared apartments typically ranges from approximately €300 to €600 per month, that varies upon the city and proximity to the University. Larger cities might have higher rental costs. Assuming students cook meals and occasionally dine out, the costs could range from €150 to €250. Depending on the city, a monthly transportation pass could cost around €30 to €50, contributing to your monthly budget. Health insurance is mandatory for all students and is essential for medical coverage. The cost can vary based on the coverage plan but is estimated at around €55 to €100 per month. Allocating funds for study materials, books, and supplies is essential. On average, budgeting around €30 to €50 per month should cover these academic expenses. Other miscellaneous costs such as phone bills, internet services, and leisure activities may account for around €100 to €150 per month.

Considering these estimates, the total monthly cost of living for an MBBS student in Austria might range from approximately €665 to €1,100. Pakistani students in Austria should consider scholarships, part-time jobs, or financial aid to manage expenses and enhance their educational experience.

Part-time working hours and income

MBBS students in Austria who came from Pakistan are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic semester and have the option to work full-time during official vacation periods from the universities.  Part-time job varies upon the nature of work, policies of work place and the location of work place. The hourly wages for part-time jobs range from €7 to €12 and students may earn for about €800 per month, and if they work 20 hours per week, then they earn an average hourly wage of €10. However, the studies should be the foremost priority for the Pakistani students that needs to be on focus.

When working part-time, it's important to consider the total cost of living, especially in high-cost cities like Vienna and Salzburg. Therefore, careful financial planning is necessary for a comfortable student life in Austria.

best medical institutes in Austria

Work permits and future opportunities for Pakistani students 

After completing their studies in Austria, Pakistani students have great opportunities to opt for work permits. One notable option is the post-graduate work permit, which allows graduates to stay in Austria for six months to search for employment related to their field of study. This provides a valuable transition period to secure a job and apply for a work permit. The Red-White-Red Card is another avenue, permitting graduates to work and reside in Austria for a year, with potential for renewal. Additionally, the "stay back" option grants up to 12 months to look for suitable employment, either part-time or full-time. For highly qualified individuals, the Blue Card offers broader European Union work opportunities.

Embarking on higher education in Austria can lead to various prospects. Graduates with advanced degrees from Austrian institutions might find themselves in high demand both within Austria and internationally. Moreover, graduates might become eligible for permanent residency or even citizenship based on residency duration. These avenues depend on various factors and evolving regulations, making it vital to stay informed and consult official sources. University international offices and Austrian immigration authorities can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information tailored to individual circumstances. This blend of work permits and future opportunities underscores Austria's commitment to nurturing a well-rounded and diverse talent pool.

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Posted on 30th Aug 2023

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