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Social Science


2 Year





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* The result precision and scale have an absolute maximum of 38. When a result precision is greater than 38, it's reduced to 38, and the corresponding scale is reduced to try to prevent truncating the integral part of a result. In some cases such as multiplication or division, scale factor won't be reduced, to maintain decimal precision, although the overflow error can be raised.

In addition and subtraction operations, we need max(p1 - s1, p2 - s2) places to store integral part of the decimal number. If there isn't enough space to store them that is, max(p1 - s1, p2 - s2) < min(38, precision) - scale, the scale is reduced to provide enough space for integral part. Resulting scale is MIN(precision, 38) - max(p1 - s1, p2 - s2), so the fractional part might be rounded to fit into the resulting scale.

In multiplication and division operations, we need precision - scale places to store the integral part of the result. The scale might be reduced using the following rules:

  1. The resulting scale is reduced to min(scale, 38 - (precision-scale)) if the integral part is less than 32, because it can't be greater than 38 - (precision-scale). Result might be rounded in this case.
  2. The scale won't be changed if it's less than 6 and if the integral part is greater than 32. In this case, overflow error might be raised if it can't fit into decimal(38, scale)
  3. The scale will be set to 6 if it's greater than 6 and if the integral part is greater than 32. In this case, both integral part and scale would be reduced and resulting type is decimal(38,6). Result might be rounded to 6 decimal places or the overflow error will be thrown if the integral part can't fit into 32 digits.

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